Infusing indie alt rock with dark ethereal soundscapes...
— Charles McCrory

Singer-songwriter Caitlin Zinda has cultivated a sound both playfully fresh and wholly organic to Austin’s eclectic indie music landscape. Caitlin hails from East Texas, where some of her earliest memories are of her mother playing the piano late into the night. Music announced itself early as Caitlin’s calling: at the age of nine she followed her mother to the piano; by ten she was writing her own songs. During a difficult adolescence Caitlin found solace in music as a vital escape from the pain of growing up, and a way to translate that pain into something beautiful and worthwhile. She continued playing piano and writing music after moving to Austin in June 2014. Among her influences she cites Florence Welch, Alanis Morissette, and The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan, women rockers whose larger-than-life personas belie the emotional rawness of their lyrics.

Caitlin’s first single, “Where the Wild Things Go,” is a piano-driven, wistful but deceptively rousing meditation on fading love, “Where the Wild Things Go” showcases Caitlin’s strong songwriting, earnest vocals, and East Texas folk sensibility.Her band, aptly named Zinda, formed in 2018 and consists of Caitlin Zinda on vocals and piano; Jessica Bryn on lead guitar; John Hersey on bass guitar; and Lisa Fazenbaker on drum, and Imani GlascoShaffer on Violin. Caitlin hopes to share some of the gifts music has given her with a new group of listeners. A lot of hard work and inspiration (and a little magic) have brought Zinda to this exciting juncture. They are thrilled to have you, their listeners, along for the journey.